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  • Arrays - practical examples
  • Strings - illustrative overview of functions

Arrays -practical examples

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array_multisort(array_column($this->Products, 'name'), SORT_ASC, $this->Products);  // sort by selected field
array_search('nic', array_column($array, 'id_nic'));  // search through a multi dimensional array

Strings - illustrative overview of functions

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source: https://www.itnetwork.cz/php/funkce-od-a-do-z/vyhledavani-textovych-retezcu-v-php/

strcspn() : 6 == strcspn("Hello world!",'w'); number of characters to the end after the first search character (characters) / , <nPos>, <nLen>

strspn() : 5 == echo strspn(" Abc Z abc", " Abc"); the number of matching characters to the end if the strings begin to match (diacritics = 2 characters)/ , <nPos>, <nLen>

strstr() : "Abc Z" == strstr("xy Abc Z", "Abc")); string to the end, matching the searched one